About Angie

Angie Lambert is a lifestyle, portrait, and commercial photographer, based in Red Bank, New Jersey — but welcomes any opportunity to travel!

When not taking photos, you’ll find Angie volunteering at the Monmouth Conservation Foundation, exploring county parks, hiking, biking, or spending time with family and Stroodle the adorable labradoodle.



On a more personal note …


Where to begin, again, I consider.

I feel myself on top of the surface, scratching to enter. Down and to the core is where I want to be. No, that is not true. It is where I need to be. Where the thirsty, starving roots latch, take hold. It’s a dark room of new beginnings and the bedrock for storytelling imagery.

Photography fertilizes the seedlings deeply, within my creative heart and mind, over-and-over, time-and-time again. It’s simple, really. I want to take more pictures. There will never be a number that sprouts, regardless how high, that signifies completion.

Whether you are a photographer, visitor, and/or potential client, I await you with a vivid imagination and much creative enthusiasm.


Angie Lambert